Anchor supports residents to stay
active, healthy and connected
through Be Well 360,
its resident wellbeing service.

Sue Swindell, 67, a retired carer living at Anchor’s The Standard development in Standish, Greater Manchester, commented: “Since moving to The Standard in April and starting the Be Well 360 programme I’ve felt a lot happier. Not only have I lost weight and feel much fitter, but I’ve been feeling a lot better about myself in general.

“I’d definitely recommend the Be Well 360 service to anyone around my age, especially if they are struggling with feeling down and depressed like I was. If you find somewhere like this you discover there is help if you need it, and I would’ve loved to have lived in a place like this 10 years ago. We really embrace our differences here and its just amazing to be part of a friendly and open community.”

“As part of the programme we are given free Fitbits to help monitor our health which has helped me to do a lot more walking. There’s also an online exercise programme we can access all the time which offers a range of activities such as Yoga or Reki. There’s no obligation to do anything, but its nice to have the option to keep fit in a variety of ways and it just keeps you going instead of sitting infront of the TV all day.”

Speaking of the weekly sessions offered for residents to attend, Sue said: “In the lounge we get up to all sorts of fun. We have great music playing, mostly from the 60s or 70s that gets you moving and your heart really pumping. We do arm exercises, walking on the spot and more, with exercises adapted for those sitting down. At the moment there are around 12 of us taking part in the class at one time and we really enjoy getting active together.”

“Julie, who runs the Be Well 360 programme at The Standard, visits on a Tuesday and Thursday to check in on all the residents. As well as leading the activities she takes great care monitoring our health, and is incredibly friendly and always free for a catch up. If a further doctors visit is needed she is around to arrange all that, and she always has time for everyone, so it’s brilliant to have someone who we can go to for anything.”

Brett Jenkins, Wellbeing Development Manager at Anchor says: “Later life creates a wonderful opportunity for people to start or to continue to focus on their health and wellbeing. A trend that we have seen  increase in recent years, particularly post-pandemic, is wellness and that all important sense of community. Meadow Court, one of our locations in Sarisbury has been nominated for Best Community Engagement at the Retirement Living Awards taking place later this year, so we take pride in creating communities where people love living in later life.

At Anchor provide support which enables residents to stay active, healthy, independent and connected. Our resident wellbeing service BeWell 360 offers personalised plans that promote physical, mental social wellbeing. Each person is assigned a wellbeing advisor to guide them through their goals whether that’s trying out new exercise classes, learning new skills, improving their diet, taking up creative pursuits or meeting new people.

A number of our developments have hair and beauty salons – meaning residents can look and feel their best without having to worry about organising transport offsite. One of our newest developments The Chapters in Berkshire offers this, as well as wellbeing services, placing both physical and mental health at the forefront of our residents’ minds. Wellness facilities can also be found at our luxury site Hampshire Lakes in Yateley, where residents can enjoy our wellness centre and spa.”

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